Making a commitment to join a worshiping community is the beginning of a relationship between people. The church as an organization—with buildings, budgets and policies—exists to support and nurture vital relationships between real people. To say you love your church is to say that you love people. Table for Ten is our best effort to make a place for people to meet the church and for the church to meet people. We want to know you. That’s why we saved you a seat for dinner.


Why should I come to Table for Ten?

  1. There is more to you than what the church has discovered so far.

  2. You are curious. A meal at the pastor’s home with up to nine strangers could be so awkward it’s entertaining. But then again, it might not be. The only way to know is to go.

  3. Based on your experience in worship, you are ready to join the church. Before you do it, you need to know what else happens the rest of the week.

FAQ about Table for Ten

How often will Table for Ten be offered and what happens if I can’t make the next one? It happens every second Tuesday of the month from 7 - 9 p.m. If you can’t come to the months listed in the registration form below, let us know and we’ll email you when the next Table is set.

How can I prepare for the examination that is probably administered right after dessert? There is no examination.

Will childcare be offered? No

Why is the table reserved for ten people? Because Pastor Amos and Sarah are hosting most of the time and they can fit only ten extra people in their apartment.