Make FPC Sparkle 2019

As you may have noticed already, FPC Dallas is undergoing some changes - some on a smaller scale and others more noticeable. This campaign is brought to you by a grant approved by the FPC Dallas Foundation over the Summer and has been underway for the last few months.

Have you noticed?

UPDATED OCT 11, 2019: The Church Street / Anderson Common makeover begins at the church. New paint went up last Thursday, October 10 in Church Street. Anderson Common is prepped and ready for Monday, October 14. You will also notice a difference outside the sanctuary this Sunday. The walls are getting a facelift. Starting tonight at 9:00 p.m. powerwashing will commence. The work will continue through the night and be completed by tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 5:00 a.m.


SEPT 15, 2019: If you have been by the Stewpot, you may have already notice the removed window coverings and in Byrd Hall you may have noticed new window shades. These are just the start. The fence along Young Street separating the parking garage and the chapel has been removed and the sidewalk is being expanded (left). The outside of the sanctuary will also be getting a deep cleaning power wash as a face lift.


Coming soon

Expect to see new flooring and new paint in the coming months in Church Street, Anderson Common, and even the Parlor. That’s right. The carpet (right) is coming up and new floors are going in along with a corresponding new paint color. The wood trim is staying put. You can expect the same paint/floor makeover in the Drane Early Childhood Center as well.


in preproduction

Also, further down the road, be on the look out for large banners outside of the sanctuary and other signage to bring new character FPC. Below is just an idea of what banners will look like.

Sanctuary Banner idea.png