First Presbyterian Church has two outstanding mechanical-action pipe organs.

Mechanical action organs are so-called because there is a mechanical connection (as opposed to an electrical one) between the key and the pipe.  Sometimes these organs are called “Tracker” organs because the device connecting the key and the pipe is called a “tracker”. FPC is the only church in Dallas with two mechanical action pipe organs. 

Learn more about the Kate Frierson Memorial Organ (built by Robert Sipe in 1977) located in the sanctuary and the W. Neill Stewart, Jr. Organ (Jaeckel 1988) located in the Sudie George Chapel. (Organ stop lists can be found here)

Tom Froehlich has been the organist at First Presbyterian Church since August 1977. He graduated cum laude from Lawrence University where he was a student of Miriam Clapp Duncan. As a student of Wolfgang Rubsam, he was awarded a Master of Music from Northwestern University. He has done doctoral work at the University of North Texas with Charles Brown. 

Mr. Froehlich went to Paris where he studied organ for 3 years with Marie-Claire Alain and improvisation with Jean Langlais. Concurrent to this he served as Organist-Choirmaster at St Michael’s Anglican Church in Paris.