FPC Dallas looks forward to walking alongside you through life’s important moments.

Learn more about how FPC can help with your loved one’s memorial service.


FPC Dallas will walk with you through your time of grief and loss. We will help you plan a memorial service for your loved one and share in this difficult time.

About the Christian Memorial/Funeral Service

Three notes should sound throughout the Christian service, which we designate as “A Witness to the Resurrection”: thanks to God for the life of the deceased; expression of the grief based on a realistic recognition of the separation made by death; and victory over death made manifest by God’s act of raising Jesus from the dead. A Christian service is always forward-looking, but this does not keep us from remembering what is past with gratitude and forgiveness.

We suggest the following for your prayerful consideration:

Consider a service that will best express the Christian faith. Remember that the church, which has nurtured you and stood beside you throughout your life, will continue to surround you and your loved ones at the time of your death. This ministry will be enhanced by your witness made clear ahead of time, including the selection of scripture, music, and hymns.

Consider the church as the place to hold the service.

Remember that it is in the church that we were baptized and dedicated to God. It was here that we made our confession of faith and became members. We have continued to meet in this place week after week to renew our commitment and to worship the Almighty God. Should not our witness to the Resurrection also be celebrated in the church?

For more information about memorials at FPC, please contact one of the pastors or Kathy Price, Coordinator for Worship & Music Ministries.