The First Presbyterian Church of Dallas Foundation is a classic example of Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed: “The mustard seed ... is the smallest of all seeds, but when it has grown it is the greatest of shrubs and becomes a tree.” (Matthew 13:31-32)

In 1958, a group of visionary leaders of First Presbyterian Church of Dallas chartered a Foundation as a separate Texas corporation for the support of the Church.  The Foundation received its first funds from the original Trustees in 1961 and made its first grant in 1969 from $6,100 in net assets.  One Trustee recommended granting “at least $5,000” of these accumulated funds.  The idea of a long-term endowment was obviously not yet on their minds.  The first grant, made to Presbyterian Pan American School in South Texas, for $2,500 was followed by many others.  By the end of 2019, over $17 million will have been distributed to further the ministry and missions of First Presbyterian Church of Dallas. Today the Foundation has assets under management of $35 million, income from which is available to provide support for the ministry and missions of First Presbyterian Church of Dallas. 

The purpose of the Foundation is to support the benevolent, charitable, educational and missionary work of the church. A Board of Trustees elected from the congregation for six-year terms governs the Foundation’s operations. Independent investment advisors, carefully selected and overseen by the Board, manage its assets. A Grants Committee of the Board reviews all grant requests, and prayerfully considers every request in light of the Foundation’s mission.

During 2019, approximately $65,000 will be distributed from restricted permanent funds in support of music, scholarships, landscaping, communications, missions & evangelism, as well as the Day School and Community Ministries of the church and the Caring Fund for The Villages of Dallas (formerly Grace Presbyterian Village.

In 2019, the Foundation will make grants from unrestricted funds of approximately $1,163,000 with 89% of that going directly to First Presbyterian Church of Dallas. Long time and some new mission beneficiaries receiving direct grants from the Foundation in 2019 included  Presbyterian Pan American School, Austin College, Presbyterian Communities and Services, Presbyterian Mo-Ranch, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Friends of Fort Liberte and Solar Under the Sun.

Ways of Giving

For over 150 years, the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas has been an amazing part of God’s transforming work in the world. As a congregation with such a rich history, we are reminded daily that we drink from wells we did not dig and feast from vineyards we did not plant—but someone did. In both facilities and ministry we are surrounded daily by this cloud of witnesses. Those who have gone before us in the life of this congregation offered their time, talents and treasure to join God’s transforming work in the world. Today we are that “someone” for those who will follow us in this unfolding of God’s history. As those who came before us, today we are called to embody the notion that we have been blessed to be a blessing to the generations who will follow us. One of the ways we can be faithful in this call is through our legacy gifts to the church’s Foundation. The following portion of this church website contains many valuable pieces of information for your consideration. I invite you to explore it to see if there is an appropriate vehicle for you to provide your legacy to the ministry and missions of FPC. In no small measure, your gifts will assure upcoming generations a quality and vibrant mission for God in the heart of this city.

Foundation Trustees

Class of 2020 Dick Abney, Jerry Grissom, Marilyn Hammett, Lucy Richards, Becky Sykes

Class of 2022 Amy Aamold, Woodrow Michael (“Mickey”) Bonesio, Mark Haley, Ernie Higginbotham - President, Larry Pease

Class of 2022 Stacy Cobb, Kelly Boyington, Jeff Jones, Rick Gillham, Lisa Baker

Recent Grants

Each quarter, grant requests are received through an application process, as outlined under Grant Applications on this website. Grant requests are thoroughly reviewed by committee members and approved by the 15-member Board of Trustees of the Foundation. Trustees assess, discuss and often make site visits to determine final grantees.

2019 Grants

In addition to the $1,031,888 block grant to FPC, the following grants were made to other ministries:

  • $38,000 Presbyterian Communities and Services (Caring Fund)
  • $19,500 Presbyterian Pan American School
  • $7,500 Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary
  • $10,000 MoRanch
  • $20,000 Austin College
  • $20,000 Presbyterian Children's Homes
  • $5,00 0 Association of Presbyterian Church Educators
  • $5,000 Friends of Fort Liberte
  • $2,500 Solar Under the Sun
  • $2,500 The Well Community
  • $1,000 Presbyterian Association of Musicians

The Foundation also manages donor-restricted and board-restricted funds for specified purposes. Gifts large and small support this good work and are carefully shepherded by the Foundation. Your contribution will be another “mustard seed” to grow and support the missions and ministry of FPC in perpetuity.

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Grant Applications

For persons or organizations wishing to apply for a grant from First Presbyterian Church of Dallas Foundation, please send your request to:

First Presbyterian Church of Dallas Foundation 1835 Young Street Dallas, TX 75201 Attn: Grant Committee Chairperson

Grant requests can also be submitted by email to

Grant Application Form

The Grant Application form can be found here. (Please note the various attachments required as well as the application deadlines.)


October 1st: Submission of grant applications and accompanying materials for an annual Foundation grant.

The Foundation Grants Committee meets various times throughout the year. However it only processes proposals after October 1, with the full Board taking final action the following February. Those grants will be made for the year following the October request, and are distributed evenly in quarterly amounts.

Foundation Process

The Foundation Grants Committee reviews and makes recommendations on requests after October 1st, with the full Board of Trustees taking final action on those recommendations the following February. Typically, approved grants will be paid in four equal quarterly increments. When sending in a Grant Request, you will receive an acknowledge email or letter. If you do not receive such an acknowledgement in a timely manner, please send a message to Notification of final grant decisions will be mailed in March each year.

Foundation policy calls for grant requests to the Foundation to be considered in the following order:

  • Priority 1: Grant requests received from First Presbyterian Church of Dallas (FPC) to support public worship or any benevolent, charitable, religious, educational or missionary undertaking of FPC.
  • Priority 2: Grant requests from organizations in which FPC has a long history of support, whether through the Church or the Foundation, or is participating in a significant role in a new organization. FPC has a strong history of participation in the founding or expansion of several mission-related organizations in the Dallas area. Requests from each of these organizations should be included in this category. Examples include the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas Developmental Day School, Interfaith Housing Coalition, Mo Ranch Conference Center, and Presbyterian Children’s Home.
  • Priority 3: Grant requests from all other organizations.