Caring for Each Other

Within these walls, you will find a community of people who minister not only to the world but also to each other. We take care of one another, and together we learn about the Christian faith. We pray, study, listen, support, and encourage each other in our faith journeys.

FPC members act their faith in many ways – and caring for one another in creative ways has generated a number of teams – ever growing and changing, to meet evolving needs in this caring community.

Care Kitchen

Nourishment extends beyond that of spirit and soul. Care Kitchen provides a way to request nourishment for the body as a step in the healing process during times of crisis or need.

Caring Link

Our homebound members remain connected to the FPC Dallas family, because many work together to assure this by scheduling regular visits to see them.

Celebrate Life

Celebrating the joyful events such as births, adoptions, weddings, special anniversaries, graduations, and more in the life of our FPC family members is an important part of what we do as a church family.

Circle of Friends

When life presents on-going challenge in the form of illness, grief, or accident, FPC organizes and trains teams of people to sustain support over a period of time. These teams provide emotional, spiritual and practical care to both individual and family, relieving caregivers of the burden of coordination.

College of Elders

Understanding and contributing to FPC’s mission is a life work for Elders (once an elder, always an elder). We offer gatherings semi-annually for pastors and staff to communicate with a large body of elders at FPC.

Faith and Grief

Grief inevitably intersects with our faith and can benefit from time with others on the same path. FPC offers 5-6 week small group series on grief and access to monthly grief programs across the area.

Handy Hands Team

Numerous handy people have organized themselves to provide a helping hand for minor in-home repair services to FPC members in need.

Home Communion

Ministers, elders, and members are sent from the sanctuary to offer the sacrament of communion to members unable to attend worship on communion days, so that all are included.

House Sitters

When the family will be away from home for a public event, such as a memorial service, vetted church members are available to sit at the home during that time to provide the security of knowing the house is occupied.

MLK Parade

Many gather, once a year, to march in the MLK to mark our admiration of a great spiritual leader and care for the community.

Prayer Connection

FPC maintains an active confidential email prayer chain, composed of church members who commit to praying daily for people in special need of intercession. If you have a prayer concern, you may communicate your need here. In addition, we maintain the Cares and Concerns list of people, which is a more public request for prayer. If you have a prayer concern, you may communicate your need here.

Spiritual Formation

Because faith requires more than intellectual assent, many are drawn to spirituality practices from deep in our Christian heritage as a way to deepen faith into trust.

Stephen Ministry

When a member of the congregation experiences a crisis, it can be very helpful to have a caring, impartial, Christian friend share the journey through that crisis. Stephen Ministers have been trained in the art of pastoral care, and they work one-on-one listening to the person in crisis (care receiver), offering encouragement as well as prayer. All Stephen Ministers maintain in strict confidence anything shared by their care-receivers. Click here to watch a video about Stephen Ministers that aired on PBS.

Stitch 'N Prayer

If you love to knit or crochet, join with others to prepare shawls to be given to those who might enjoy feeling wrapped up in the support of a community. Some will knit at home, some with others – and the group will gather periodically to knit together and enjoy one another.

Sunday Lunch Bunch

Volunteers work as a team to collect money for Sunday lunch.


For occasional needs, such as doctor visits or outpatient procedures, volunteers are organized by area to provide rides for fellow FPC members. A week’s notice is required to access this service.


A congregational presence for church members while in the hospital or rehabilitation center can relieve concerns and offer companionship. These visits by trained volunteers augment and assist pastoral/staff visitation.


To volunteer, ask questions or to request support from any of these teams, email Kathy Price or call 214-748-8051 and ask to speak with Kathy or Rev. Rebecca Chancellor Sicks.