Connections Camp in Gilmont for The Stewpot Kids Club

Over the weekend of September 21, 2019, Kids Club kids from the Stewpot and FPC kids attended Connections Camp at Camp Gilmont - an overnight for 5th and 6th graders. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience camp and new things in the context of God’s creation where most of the kids have never been away from home.

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Was That a Vision or an Idea?

By Amos Disasa

Visions and ideas are often confused for each other. The resemblance can be attributed to their perceived origin. When visions and ideas are shared, it sounds like they came from the same place. We hear visions and ideas speak to us from leaders, task-forces, (out of) the blue, resident genius and strategic planning documents.

The consequence of mistaking one for the other is lost time and energy. The sum of many good ideas remains less than one vision.

As our church begins to imagine who God is calling us to be in the future, it will be helpful for us to know how to tell one vision apart from a bunch of good ideas. 

The chart below is not officially sanctioned by anybody but me. Still, use it with caution. You may find yourself doing less and praying more. For those of us accustomed to measuring our faithfulness by our busyness, this will be different.

Visions vs Ideas.jpg

See you Sunday,


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Amos Disasa is the senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Dallas. He previously served most recently as a co-pastor of Downtown Church in Columbia, South Carolina. Amos graduated from Presbyterian College in Clinton, S.C. and Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, N.C. He and his wife Sarah have two children.