A Reflection on Membership

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Dear Members and Friends, 

At its meeting on Tuesday night, November 5th—and after ten months of diligent work by the Deacons— the Session took action to contact over 500 members on our Active Membership Roll. These 500+ people, some of whom have been leaders in our congregation over the years, have not participated in the life of the church for at least the last two years. Some, we have learned, have moved out of state and/or have joined other churches. Others have stopped participating for a number of reasons but are still in the Dallas area. By the end of the month we will attempt to contact all 500+ people and invite them back into the life of the congregation before action is taken to remove them from the Active Membership Roll of First Presbyterian Church of Dallas. 

Our hope is that we will know who our members are and be connected to them in meaningful ways. If members have not been able to come to the church and need a pastoral visit or support, we’d like to know that so we can offer it. If members have joined another church, we’d like to know so that we can bless them in their journey of faith and mark their departure in our records. If members have drifted away and need to hear an invitation to come back and join us for worship and service, then we’d like to extend that call. 

As a congregation we seek to follow the way of Jesus Christ. Our Book of Order tells us that “Membership in the Church of Jesus Christ is a joy and a privilege. It is also a commitment to participate in Christ’s mission. A faithful member bears witness to God’s love and grace and promises to be involved responsibly in the ministry of Christ’s Church” (G-1.0304). Throughout this process, we’ve been asking questions like: 

  • Who are we, the members of First Presbyterian Church of Dallas? 

  • How are we living out the joy and privilege of church membership? 

  • What are the gifts, passions, skills and interests we offer to the service of Christ’s mission? 

After contact is made with the 500+ members and responses are received, we will have a more realistic picture of who we are now, so that we can embrace who God is calling us to be. My prayer is that we will be full of grace as we seek to learn more about who we are as a church family nearing 2020, and that we will be open and ready for what the Spirit is about to do among us. 

Grace + Peace, 

Rebecca Chancellor Sicks 
Associate Pastor