Kathy Price Celebrates 20 Years Serving FPC

FPC has a very dedicated staff who works hard throughout the week to fulfill the mission of the church, and each week there is cause to celebrate.  And some weeks there is cause to celebrate even more.  As of this week, Kathy Price has served FPC for twenty years. She works diligently as a Ministry Assistant which encompasses a plethora of tasks.  She started her journey in 1999 after hearing about a staff position from her sister and FPC member, Julia Boyce, and has felt called to serve ever since. 

                When thinking back on those 20 years there are a few memories that really stick out for her.  One comes out of a fond working relationship with Harry and Gene Crissman.  Kathy had only been working at FPC for a few months and, understandably, grew concerned that she would never be able to keep up with Camilla Ballard.  She expressed this to Gene Crissman.  Gene turned to her and said, “you are the glue that holds FPC together.”  To this day, she has never forgotten those words.

                Another of her fond memories is working alongside the Taylor family.  She remembers the day that Josh and Diana Taylor came to FPC over eight years ago and since then has found her work with them to be a “blessing and an honor.”  There were so many projects and memories that she is very thankful for.

                Over her twenty years at FPC, Kathy feels that two of the most important things she has learned here at FPC are flexibility and compassion.  With how active the church is there is always the need to juggle multiple projects and the need to get things done yesterday.  Flexibility is a must.  And if there is anything FPC can teach the world, one of those surely is compassion.

                And here is an interesting fact: you might not realize it, but part of what Kathy does includes decorating for Advent and Christmas.  She helps to make all the bows that you see throughout the church around that time of year.  So as the season approaches (and Kathy’s bows) and we move closer to Thanksgiving let’s all be thankful for Kathy and her service here at FPC.