Stewpot to Open Early

Beginning Monday February 11, The Stewpot will be doing a 30-day early (6-8 am) opening – partnership with Downtown Dallas Inc. (It is a trial run to see how it goes.) They (DDI) have been waking folks who are sleeping on the streets all over downtown and asking them to move along (of course there is nowhere for them to move along to that is open at that hour).

The library does not open until 10, we open at 8 and Our Calling opens at 8:30. DDI has asked us to help the folks who are being woken up and told to move along – it helps our clients to who are sitting and waiting for us to open. We will evaluate how it is working. (This is not costing us any more in personnel or budget items.)

We will begin being open 6-8 am M-F on Monday, Feb. 11 – March 8. (And will continue if it seems like it is a good investment of our time and truly helps folks on the streets).

We will have a DDI security officer onsite with 2 caseworkers (and a management staff member on call as well as a DPD off-duty officer on call who is in a squad car)

we will open for folks to come in and get out of the elements, will have the restrooms for their use, provide coffee/water at 7ish and a pastry. (Javier with our meal service is always here at 6 am anyway to have that available)

The 2 caseworkers will sign folks up for services but no services will begin until 8:00 am – our normal time.

We will still stay open until 4 pm.

Casework staff will be able to leave at 1 pm on Fridays to get their time back. (We do not have many people here on Friday afternoon – but will still be open with an officer.)

Parkland Medical and Dental and Metrocare will still be here for their regular hours 8-4.

This will put on the website and the casework staff at other shelters will be told so they can refer their clients for ID’s to get here early for sign up.