Petit Point Crèche

The representation of the Christmas Nativity on display in Anderson Common is the handiwork of our own Rev. John R. Evans. John took up needlepoint as a hobby years ago. He recalls the grandmother of one of his administrative assistants owned a needlepoint shop in Midland-Odessa and brought one of the canvasses—a wise man!—to John years ago. That triggered him to take needlepoint lessons

John’s new hobby was relaxing when he was on the road as an ecclesiastical administrator, spending time in motels and meetings. A member of Westminster PC in Austin, where John was associate pastor, taught him several special stitches and found homes for his early projects. He completed many Christmas stockings for family members and close friends.

The seven piece crèche took around 6 years to complete. It has been displayed in several Presbyterian churches and institutions, including Trinity University and Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Now in a permanent display case, John has made his artistic rendering of the Nativity a gift to First Presbyterian Church of Dallas.

Petite Point Creche.jpg