Exciting PNC Announcement

How Long, O Lord?

That's a really good question.  It often recurs in scripture and is implored in at least eight Psalms (6, 13, 35, 79, 80, 89, 90, 94).  It is a question PNC members are mindful of as we seek to discern the person God is calling to be our new Head of Staff Pastor.  Like the Psalmist we try to keep our focus on "O Lord" more than "How Long," because God only knows.   Nevertheless, the question we all want answered is "Are we there yet?"  After 19 months, the PNC has an answer.

Good News:  The Pastor Nominating Committee is pleased to report that it has completed its search, and that with excitement and confidence, its members unanimously believe that God has led the church to the person to be called as our next Head of Staff Pastor.

More Good News:  The Session has voted to call a Congregational Meeting to be held in the church sanctuary on January 6, 2019 immediately following the 10:50 a.m. worship service. The purpose of the meeting is:

1.    to receive the report and recommendation of the Pastor Nominating Committee to issue a call to the candidate selected to be the church’s next Head of Staff Pastor;

2.    to conduct a vote of the congregation membership to issue the recommended call; and,

3.    to approve the proposed Terms of Call.

Frustrating but Critical News:  We can't tell you who it is until January 6.  The procedure in the Presbyterian Church (USA) is for pastors to tell their present congregations that they are leaving only after they have actually received a call from a new congregation.   So, our candidate's present congregation will not know of our call until after we vote on January  6.  Accordingly,  this stage of the process requires great confidentiality. If word were to "leak out," it could be very disruptive for the other congregation and quite awkward for our candidate.  Seriously, it is very important that "mum is the word."  So, the members of the PNC and anyone else who may know who the candidate is will be super secret until January 6. 

 Finally, did we mention WE ARE SO EXCITED!