One Accord: First Concert Series

One Accord Facebook Event.jpg

Organized in the fall of 2017, One Accord Men’s Chorus, a division of The Men’s Project DFW, is quickly garnering a reputation as a premier music and service organization promoting the positive imagery of African-American men as professionals, community leaders and role models. The chorus endeavors to foster awareness of and appreciation for music of all genres and provide members opportunities for rigorous study and performance in a variety of settings. Furthermore, the chorus is mindful to celebrate and preserve the rich tradition and contributions of African-American composers and musicians to the world.

One Accord Men's Chorus includes men from all walks of life serving in various roles throughout the DFW community. Each man carries with him unique experiences, passions, dreams, ambitions and desires which are all reflected in the diverse repertoire of the chorus. Under the leadership and direction of its founder John Tatum, the chorus has assembled to spread messages of unity, strength and hope for the community through song and service. As the men perform and serve, they stand in one accord, compelling audiences and communities to join with them as they reflect upon the courage and sacrifice of past warriors. We offer encouragement to push through the struggles of the current day and press onward towards the restoration of our communities.

We unite as African-American men in one accord--- standing together, serving together, singing together and spreading messages of unity, strength and hope to our community and the world ---together--- in 'One Accord.’

The group will present a concert as a part of the First Concert Series at 5 p.m. on Saturday, November 10 in the FPC Dallas Sanctuary. As always, events in the First Concert Series are offered free of charge and the public is welcome.