Why Mo: 42 Wonderful Years


I have been to all but one of the FPC Dallas Mo-Ranch All-Church Retreats. Why? Beauty, memories, fellowship and tradition. As I head to the 43rd retreat this summer, I am eager to see the beautiful Guadalupe River, the cliffs, the catwalk spanning the hills and the vista from the chapel on the hill. So many beautiful places to see—to be. Oh, and there are so many memories—memories that have come from going there, from being there. Memories of Gene and her jewelry and her watermelon rind teeth. Memories of three beautiful little girls lip-syncing to “Hair,” not knowing that one of those blondes would grow up and marry my son. So many memories of talks, of laughs, of music, of talent shows, of worship. Memories I cherish. Wonderful memories I have because I went to Mo.  

I believe that God is at work in the fellowship that has occurred while sitting in the rapids or sitting in a lawn chair “just visitin’.” Friendships have been strengthened as folks prepare the Sunday night cookout or as people sing along with Larry and Johnny. Just being in that “thin place” together has fortified the community that returns to Big-D to serve and worship under the beautiful dome in the heart of the city. Going to Mo is part of the rhythm of many lives and leaders at FPC Dallas. The traditions enjoyed by those who make the trek annually include the pie stops in Hico and Marble Falls, the barbecue in Llano or the stopping for peaches in Fredericksburg. While at Mo-Ranch, traditions are visible in the wooden name tags or Communion at the stone ichthus at the chapel on the hill. There is a lot of “deja vu all over again” at the retreat, which many find comforting and affirming. Whether it is your first time to FPC Dallas Mo-Ranch retreat or your 43rd time, the beauty you experience, the memories you make, the fellowship you enjoy, the new traditions you help make, or the old traditions you honor—all of these will make for a great long weekend. Just go.You’ll be glad you did. I’ve been glad forty-plus times.

2018 Retreat Details

All ages are invited to the annual All-Church Mo-Ranch Retreat this summer in the hill country of Texas! Our theme this year is “Radical Hospitality: The Words of Our Mouths, the Meditations of Our Hearts.” Come and explore with us what it means to be a hospitable person, church and community. The dates are July 20-22, 2018 (you can also come a day early and/or stay a day longer)! Register today by clicking below. If you have questions or need help registering email Gary Minton or call him at (214) 274-6374.