In the Children's Eyes: A Haiti Story


In early January, 21 people commissioned by First Presbyterian Church embarked on a mission partnership trip to Fort Liberte, Haiti. Their goal was to staff a medical clinic assess the possibilities for solar power.

The group consisted of three doctors, five pharmacists, two nurses, three youth and other volunteers. In addition to providing medical care, the team took $10,000 of medicine to stock the clinic pharmacy.

“We are extremely grateful to the Ebenezer Baptist Church who provided food and lodging, and the Friends of Ft. Liberte, who founded the clinic a number of years ago,” said Bonnie Edwards, director of adult ministries and fellowship at FPC Dallas.

At week’s end, the group had seen at least 655 patients—the oldest 104 years old, the youngest 21 days. Some of the team gave a presentation on hygiene and coming of age issues to young women at the high school. Two volunteers spent several days assessing the needs for solar power at the church, high school and elementary school.


All of the group helped prepare food items for distribution throughout the community, and some helped with delivery in the outlying areas. A number of the team met with children who they sponsor monthly or who are sponsored by other FPC members, greeting them and their parents and providing school supplies and gifts.

The team ended their week attending a spirited worship from 6:30-8:30 a.m. at Ebenezer Church before heading back to Dallas. When asked where they had see God during the week, some responded:

“In the children’s eyes.”

“In all the hope that was so apparent in Haitians and Americans alike.”

“In the joyful singing of the church members and choirs.”

“In the new and renewed relationships between the church, community, and volunteers.”