Pastoral Letter

Staff Announcement: Camilla Ballard

I write to share news that our Director of Youth Ministries, Camilla Ballard, will retire this fall after 23 years of service with us. A letter from her to you appears below this one. Please scroll down and read it.
Planning has already commenced on how we will say goodbye and thank you with the same fervor of spirit Camilla has brought to moments like this for others. There will be parties and gifts. Let us know if you’d like to help. Separately, I’ve asked our Associate Pastor, Rebecca Chancellor Sicks, to begin coordinating the search for our next Director of Youth Ministries. Our goal is to make the transition of leadership this fall as seamless as possible. 
I’ve only been with you for a couple of months. Still, it did not take long for me to conclude that our youth ministry is an honest reflection of its leader. I found this to be true again just four days ago at our annual Senior Sunday celebration. 275 students spread over Camilla’s 23 years have passed through this distinctly local ritual of being celebrated, close to their graduation from high school, with all the imagination and drama a former theater teacher can squeeze out of Byrd Hall. If that was you, you knew you were loved, noticed and treasured by Camilla, your church and God.
Amos Disasa

A Message from Camilla


Dear FPC Youths and Those Who Love Them,

For 23 years, that thing you do has continued to change me for good.  I have been enchanted by the hero within each of you and those superhero adults working with you. You have courageously followed your hearts and your dreams. And because of that, I have witnessed the Spirit generously bless your work as peacemakers, environmentalists and humanitarians. As such, you have given me hope for the future. 
I promise you I will always remember Mo-Ranch, Montreat, drama teams, mission projects, COFFEE HOUSE, COFFEE CUP,  coffee dates, Confirmation Overnights, Youth Sundays, Youth Committee, Senior Sundays, Service Corps Celebrations, Youth Sorting Ceremonies, CMW, NYC after 9/11, Home Groups and all our movies, movies, movies together. In turn, I have faith you will remember that the oldest magic of all is love.
On September 15, I am closing my door and turning in my keys. My family and I have loved being part of your lives.

With God, anything is possible,
Camilla Ballard