Blue Christmas Worship Service

When we find ourselves in the dark, God is there. God may be teaching us in the darkness, too. As we look to Christmas with great anticipation and find ourselves surrounded by bright lights, we acknowledge this time may be difficult for those who are grieving, sad, heartbroken, or feeling alone. This is an important time for community and hope. Come to the Sudie George Chapel on Wednesday, December 12th at 6:00 p.m. for Blue Christmas worship. All are invited to gather in a sacred space for time with God and others, to pray, to seek rest and peace, to find encouragement and hope.

As we gather for Blue Christmas worship, we will look to the Light as we are reminded that God is with us in all times and places. There will be opportunities for personal and corporate prayer, as well as having someone pray with/for you. You may hang an ornament on the Christmas tree in memory or in honor of someone. Together, as we sing, pray and listen, we will hold out for healing and hope.

Come to be blessed. In the words of Jan Richardson, “This blessing does not mean to take the night away but it knows its hidden roads, knows the resting spots along the path, knows what it means to travel in the company of a friend. So when this blessing comes, take its hand. Get up. Set out on the road you cannot see.”

Look for the Light and there you will find Love. Friends, family, and neighbors are welcome.