Artists in Residence: Stewpot Artists Featured September 9

On Sunday, September 9, First Presbyterian Church of Dallas will host three artists from The Stewpot's art program. The artists, Stephen McGee, Mystery, and Sam Cooper will demonstrate their craft in Anderson Common before and after the 10:50 a.m. worship service. Information on each artist is provided below.

Art made by these artists and others are on display in The Stewpot's art gallery. For more information contact Betty Heckman.

Stephen McGee

stephen mcgee.jpg

Stephen McGee is from Dallas, Texas and loves to work in acrylic paint, pastels, colored pencils and charcoal mediums.  He started coming to the Stewpot Art Program in 2010 and it really helped him to develop his art to a better level.  Over the past five years Mr. McGee has had the privilege to do several art projects for the City Square, a non-profit organization which included creating drawings of former talk show host Jay Leno, Lyle Lovett, Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin and Dallas Cowboy Tyron Smith. Mr. McGee also sent Oprah Winfrey a copy of a drawing he has made of her. His uncle was a well know artist from Dallas. His name was Willard Watson, but his nickname was The Texas Kid. Mr. McGee’s older brother was also an artist and he was influenced by both men.  He also has loved art since he was a small child and next to his love for God, Art is his life. 



Mystery is this artist’s chosen art name. She says she basically works with anything that she comes across, but loves painting with acrylic paint and drawing in graphite. She was born in an unforgettable city about 59 years ago. She loves painting people’s faces. Mystery has been a member of The Stewpot Art Program since 2014 and she says it has awakened what was already in her by being in the Stewpot Studio making art. Mystery feels very satisfied with her entire body of artwork because her pieces reflect somehow her own feelings and emotions. She believes that being a people person has helped her to develop those skills that she did not know were inside her and skills that she believes are in her by nature somehow. Mystery says, “Love is what I do”.  As you can see by the name she goes by, she likes to keep her personal life a mystery as well. She thinks that “Mystery” describes her perfectly. Mystery feels like an artist herself but would like to one day be thought of as an artist by anyone who sees her work.  She has been a student at El Centro College and Peloton College and hopes to complete her education. 

Sam Cooper

sam cooper.jpg

Sam Cooper is from Gary, Indiana and is focused on developing creative energy through acrylic painting and sculpture. Mr. Cooper created art for two years in high school at Greenville H.S. .  He began painting and worked with heavy impastos in his pictures and then moved to sculpture. He uses electricity, reflected light from many sources, magnets and all kinds of physical materials to create his sculptures. Mr. Cooper recently started creating works on canvas that have three dimensional elements in them. He is inspired by the radiant beauty and messages sent by rainbows.