Josh Taylor And New Opportunities

Dear FPC friends,

Transitions are a part of life, I suppose. Indeed, they are biblical. Since Adam and Eve walked out of the garden, the pilgrimage of life affords us the opportunity to move beyond our preconceived notions and current circumstance with the expectant hope of experiencing God anew.

I am writing to you to share the news that Diana and I have accepted an invitation to serve as the Music Directors for the Iona Community in Scotland for the next three years. We meet this calling with great trepidation, but we trust that God is present in our decision. Serving at FPC and the opportunities to serve at the national level in the PC(USA) have prepared us for this ecumenical service and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.

But you are a difficult group of folks to leave behind.

It has been the greatest blessing of my professional career to serve this church and to share with the congregation in its ministry, its worship life, and its work to serve as a “heart for the city.” However, in as much as I love my work and the people of this place, this was an opportunity we felt we could not pass up.

As we look forward with faith to the doors God is opening for our family, we also pray for First Presbyterian Church and the new chapters in store here.

Worship has long been the catalyst for all things FPC and it has been my great honor to shepherd this ministry for the past 8+ years. I am so proud of the work we have accomplished with the sanctuary renovation, the reputation and respect our choir has earned through their presentations, and the weekly commitment to faithful and rich worship. The memories of Holy Week, Christmas, and All Saints services and concert series events and just full, beautiful, regular Sunday worship services will stay with me always.

Of course, no one achieves anything in ministry without the support and collaboration of their colleagues. The staff at FPC is among the best in the country. The opportunity to work alongside Lori Ferguson, Kathy Price, Miatta Wilson, Camilla Ballard, Bonnie Edwards, John Maxwell, Jerry Worden, and our amazing music staff (Tom Froehlich, Phyllis Wilson, Cheryl Lemmons, Beth Thompson, and section leaders) among others was an absolute joy.

Since we received the Marie and Harold Daniels Art Collection, the serigraph of Ecclesiastes by John August Swanson has been my favorite. Swanson described the piece as being like a puzzle with every “time” of the familiar “for everything there is a season” text fitting in next to the other. And so, the seasons of our lives continue; the puzzle of life looking for the next piece.

Without a doubt, the puzzle of my life would never be complete without First Presbyterian Church of Dallas. I am forever grateful.

With much love and gratitude,

Josh Taylor, Director of Worship & Music