Music Transition Team Letter

“Change is the only constant in life,” said Greek philosopher Heraclitus. It seems like a benign enough statement as it relates to transitions we encounter in life: The seasons change, our families grow, children mature, careers follow unanticipated twists and turns. Usually, we find a way to manage through it all and come out better on the other side.

            But, occasionally, there come changes that catch us by surprise. That is where we find ourselves today, facing a change in music leadership at First Presbyterian Church that arrived suddenly and unexpectedly. Our overarching role as Music Transition Team is to help manage our congregation through this period and provide for an orderly transition into the changes that greet us today. This communication is a first step in that process.

            First of all, we are hard at work to ensure that our worship and music programs remain meaningful and vital in the months ahead. Until permanent replacements for the Director of Music and organist can be found, our primary task is to ensure that all bases are covered so that all worshipping at FPC will continue to experience the meaningful quality of musicianship we have come to expect under the leadership of Josh, Tom, and Diana. The scope of our work is to fill key positions on an interim basis and suggest to the Congregational Nominating Committee members who should be considered as candidates for a committee which will search for permanent replacements.

            Second, we want to assure you that new faces in leadership positions will not represent a movement toward the adoption of radically different styles of music and worship. Our interest is in reaffirming a commitment to the rich and varied tradition of sacred music that is reflective of the beautiful spaces in which we worship each Sunday while remaining open to trying new things. We will be drafting job descriptions for temporary leaders that reflect this direction.

            Finally, we ask for your prayers for First Presbyterian Church and its future. We take comfort in our belief that the Holy Spirit is at work here in ways we cannot and do not fully understand. Together, we believe that positive outcomes we cannot imagine today await our congregation in the weeks and months ahead.

            While “change may be a constant” in life, change is also what we make of it. Together, let us make this period of transition something we can look back on with pride years from now.


The Music Transition Team

First Presbyterian Church of Dallas


Amos Disasa - Senior Pastor

Beth Thompson - Interim Interim Director of Music

Amy Aamold, Gary Minton, Larry Dykstra – Team Members