#100Challenge with The Stewpot

By Kristin Merron

3 simple steps.png

To complement The Stewpot’s mid-year appeal to raise $100,000 to get 100 people housed and out of the heat this summer, The Stewpot will be launching a public social media campaign titled the #100Challenge. Anyone with an active Facebook or Instagram account can participate in 3 easy steps. 1. SHARE 2. POSE & PAY IT FORWARD 3. POST.
Here’s how the #100Challenge works. Step 1 is to SHARE a bottled water with someone. The person you give a water to can be homeless, at-risk, or simply thirsty for knowledge about The Stewpot. The idea is that every bottle of water you share ignites conversation and helps raise awareness to how threatening the summer heat can be for those without housing.

Step 2 is to POSE & PAY IT FORWARD. Participants are being asked to pose for a photo during their act of kindness (handing out water). Then you PAY IT FORWARD by making a donation to The Stewpot. Every dollar up to the $100,000 goal will be matched by a generous benefactor. Therefore, each dollar you donate is worth double! Donors who give $100 or more will be invited to a special reception at The Stewpot to learn more about the impact of their gift.

3 simple steps sp.png

Step 3 is POST. Once you have given a bottle of water, taken a photo and made your donation, you then post your photo to social media to continue the cycle of sharing with your friends. Posts can be made on Facebook or Instagram. Remember to use #100Challenge in your posts and to tag The Stewpot as well. Ideal posts will include your donation amount and a challenge to your friends and community members to match or surpass your donation. Here’s some sample text to help you get started: “Just gave a bottle of water to a thirsty man on the street and donated $15 to support The Stewpot on their mission to get people like him housed and out of the heat. I challenge my friends Betty, Jared and Michael to do the same! #100Challenge.” Your support, participation, and interactive engagement with the campaign is truly appreciated.

To follow along with the fun and keep up-to-date with the campaign’s progress be sure to follow The Stewpot and the church’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Additionally watch out for an outing that will be taking place in late July where The Stewpot will take to the streets handing out water and taking selfies to share their housing celebration stories and encourage donations.