Stories to Tell


My Dear Friends,

With A Heart for the City, First Presbyterian Church has served and led our community and the world since the day after the city of Dallas was chartered. Since 1856, the voice and presence of our great church has impacted lives with the gospel of Christ. With A Heart for the City, we shall continue to be a strong presence in the lives of our members, friends and neighbors.

We have stories to tell. Stories of countless people—the great saints of the church—who worshiped and served before us. Stories of church retreats at Mo Ranch and Montreat. Stories of children and youth serving the church with their excitement and commitment. Stories of mission beyond our walls that changed our city and touched the world.

We have new stories to write. Stories about our renovated sanctuary ready for inspiring, meaningful, and life changing worship. Stories of children and youth who are welcomed and loved by their church; in turn, they will encourage and motivate the church to uniquely serve the contemporary world. Stories of mission and service with amazing outreach to our community. Through The Stewpot, we care for some of our most vulnerable neighbors. Forty-three years ago, no one could have imagined The Stewpot would be so significant in this city. Through our Day School, we care for some of our youngest neighbors and provide an outstanding program that nurtures and protects our children.

I invite you to prayerfully consider your pledge and contributions to First Presbyterian Church of Dallas. With your support and help, we will continue to be a strong and dynamic downtown congregation. We need your support of time, talent and treasures so that First Presbyterian Church can continue to be the great church in downtown Dallas we feel called to be.

I offer my deep appreciation for your ongoing generosity. Because of your support, we are a stronger, healthier and a more vital congregation. I invite you to contact me if you have any questions.


Woody Brown, Interim Pastor