Ways of Giving


God calls us to make wise and faithful choices about the use and disposition of our property. By planning our future gifts now, we are graciously responding to the blessings in our lives, reflecting our faith that we will continue to recognize God's generosity. Planned gifts create a vision of abundance for the church of the future, empowering its mission to continue long after we are gone.


Planned giving enables you to make a meaningful gift while potentially enhancing your and your family's future financial well-being. It takes into account the many factors of estate planning including:

  • people - loved ones and your church family
  • assets - cash, investments, real property....
  • estate and tax reduction plans

NOW: Outright Gifts


Stock / Appreciated Securities

Real Estate

INCOME: Gifts That Pay Back

Charitable Gift Annuity

Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable Lead Trust

LATER: Estate Gifts

Wills and Bequests

Retirement Accounts

Beneficiary Designations

Christian Estate Planning

What Is Your Testament?

Personal Inventory Form

When to Change Will or Trust