The Institute for Civility in Government

Civility Training Workshops

The Institute’s four hour, highly participatory Civility Training workshops increase an awareness of the importance civility plays within our daily interactions and society.  We teach basic civility skills based on our book Reclaiming Civility in the Public Square – Ten Rules That Work.  These rules are applicable to everything from relationships across the kitchen table to international diplomacy. The training has been provided to businesses, schools, congregations, civic groups and communities.

Each workshop is divided into four sections, described below.

1.  We help participants understand belief systems and the role they play in conflict.  We challenge participants to understand their own belief systems and where those beliefs come from. 

2.  Listening and Communication Skills – Through a series of exercises, we teach good listening and communication skills, and allow participants to self-identify their own weaknesses and strengths.

3.  Team Work – Through the use of origami, participants work together to complete an assigned task, and then identify what it takes to succeed as a group in reaching their goal.

4.   Individual Responsibility – We all have a responsibility and a role to play in creating a more civil community and country.  This section allows for participants to consider what they will do with what they have learned, both individually and as a larger group.