Church phone number: 214.748.8051


Rev. Gregory Gibson, Interim Pastor, Head of Staff | x222 | email  | Greg's Bio

Rev. Dr. Bruce Buchanan, Associate Pastor of Community Ministries | x237 | email | Bruce's Bio

Rev. Rebecca Chancellor Sicks, Interim Associate Pastor of Congregational Life | x228 | email | Rebecca's Bio


Rev. Karl Schwarz, Executive Director | x233 | email

Lori Ferguson, Director of Administration and Human Resources | x222 | email

Beth Hernandez, Receptionist and Administrative Assistant for Membership | x200 | email

Marvin Kuers, Director of Information Technology | x209 | email

Margaret LaPlante, Administrative Assistant | x211 | email


Denise Dempsey, Controller | x227 | email

Carrie Juliano, Payroll Clerk | x341 | email

Gloria Shows, Accounts Payable | x215 | email

J. R.. Ratliff, Accounts Payable | x208 | email


Food Service

Margaret Ashley, Food Services Manager | x218 | email

Ruthell Ready, Food Services Assistant | x306 email

Tracy Cunniff, Food Services Assistant | x306 email


Wilson Nicholson, Communications Coordinator | x229 | email


Dwayne Murr, Events Coordinator | x202 | email

Michael Kuers, Events Staff | email

Property and Risk

Jessie Rodriguez, Facilities Manager | x250 | email

Larry Smith, Property Assistant | x301 | email

Tony Guerra, Property Assistant

Collin Booth, Property Assistant

Congregational Life

Debbie Reinhardt-Young, LCSW, Director of Senior Adult Ministries | x224 | email

Kathy Price, Coordinator for Congregational Life and Worship and Music | x230 | email


Miatta Wilson, Director of Children's Ministries | x232 | email

Bonnie Edwards, Director of Adult Education and Fellowship | x225 | email

Camilla Ballard, Director of Youth Ministries | x231 | email

Emily Hill, Pastor's Assistant and Coordinator for Education| x226 | email


See Community Ministries Staff Listing here

Worship and Music

Joshua Taylor, Director of Worship and Music | x206 | email | Joshua's Bio

Diana Taylor, Director of Children's Music | x204 | email

Thomas F. Froehlich, Associate Director of Music & Organist | x205 | email

Phyllis Wilson, Director of Handbell Music