What will First Presbyterian Church of Dallas be in 2028?

Why a Downtown Church?

“We find simply and briefly that we, as a church, have little relevant contact, and there is, with one or two exceptions, little influence for Christ in the inner city.” 

This assessment is from A  Progress Report by the Downtown Church Committee of First Presbyterian Church, dated June 9, 1963.  The church responded by initiating new programs to serve its downtown neighbors, including the “detached worker” joint venture with the YMCA and the Harwood Street Center preschool. (Holding Forth the Word of Life: the Witness of a Downtown Church 1856-2006, pp.157-59)

 Our inner-city neighbors have changed, and are changing, dramatically. With the rapid influx of new downtown residents, we are now more than ever poised to accept the challenge to demonstrate our relevance to our inner city that our forebears saw in 1963. What skills and experience will our next Head of Staff Pastor need to help lead us into a future of “relevant contact” and “influence for Christ” with our downtown neighbors?

The PNC is focused on discerning where God is leading us to find such a person. Please continue to pray for us.

(Last Updated on 11/15/2018)

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Greetings from your PNC!

On April 2, 2017, you graciously elected us to serve on FPC's Pastor Nominating Committee to call our next senior pastor.  While we are actively engaged in the call process, we can appreciate that, other than knowing this will take some time, many members of the congregation may not know much about how this all works.

At our first meeting, liaisons from Grace Presbytery helped get us acquainted with each other and introduced the call process.  In that meeting we elected Bill Cobb to serve as our Chair, and Julius Zsohar, III as our Vice Chair, and made a commitment to meet weekly. Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions and an overview of the process and anticipated milestones.

We will provide periodic updates on our progress, but in the interim, if you have any questions, concerns, or input, please do not hesitate to contact fpcdallaspnc@gmail.com. Acknowledging the importance of our work to the life of our church, we also request that the congregation include the work of the PNC in your daily prayers.

With a heart for FPC,

Joe Alexander
Bill Cobb
Susi Parks Grissom
Ernie Higginbotham
Martha Ingrum
Carolyn Jefferson
Kelly Boyington Voelker
Julius Zsohar, III


How long does the process take?

As long as is necessary to call the right pastor, but generally, one to two years.

How much can you talk about your work on the committee?

The committee takes the confidentiality of its work very seriously. We can discuss process, not people.

How do you find candidates?

The PCUSA has a matching system that matches our job posting (the "MIF") with resumes (or "PIFs"). Often other ministers or seminary personnel will make suggestions for candidates who they think would be a good fit for this FPC position. These suggested candidates would submit a PIF just like a candidate who had been matched through the system.

Can I suggest a candidate?

Yes! Please email suggestions and recommendations to fpcdallaspnc@gmail.com. This is welcomed and encouraged!

Process Overview

The Ministry Information Form ("MIF")

MIF is short for Ministry Information Form, and it is the document that gives us the opportunity to describe who we are, what we do, how we do it, and what we are looking for in our next Senior Pastor. Think of it has our official job posting.

MIF Approval

Once finalized, the PNC submits the MIF to both the Session and Grace Presbytery's Committee on Ministry. When approved, it will be sent to the PCUSA for matching with candidates.

The Personal Information Form ("PIF")

PIF is short for Personal Information Form, essentially a pastor's resume and application. PCUSA will match our MIF with PIFs in its database.

Candidate Selection

The PNC will then evaluate candidates and conduct interviews until a candidate has been chosen by the committee. When the PNC has reached a final decision on a candidate, such decision must be approved by the Presbytery and the Session will then call a Congregational Meeting to approve the call to the new minister.