The Session has requested that the Congregational Nominating Committee begin the process of selecting nominees for the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) for our church.  Your Congregational Nominating Committee is chaired by Donna McKay and the members of the Committee include, Charlene Echols, Leah Jordan Swindle, Nell Carvell, Phillip Higginbotham, Phyllis Bevel, Sue St. John and Josh Holt.  The Staff Contact for the Committee is Greg Gibson.

The PNC will consist of seven (7) members of our church who will be charged with the responsibility of selecting our new Senior Pastor.  The nominees will be presented to the congregation for a vote at a called congregational meeting

The Congregational Nominating Committee is seeking your help and input. Click here to access the Nominating form for members of the church to use to recommend potential candidates for the PNC and to tell us in your words why you believe this person would be a valuable addition to the PNC.  The completed forms can be returned to the Congregational Nominating Committee, either by email ( or by leaving the forms in Donna’s elder box.  If you would prefer not to fill out the form, you can certainly speak directly with any of the Committee members and we will relate that information to our Committee at large.  Self-nominations are accepted.

 All recommendations for the PNC should be in by Sunday, February 26, 2017.

Your input is greatly needed and appreciated.