Kelly Boyington Voelker

Kelly Voelker photo.jpg

Born in Sherman, Texas and raised in Covenant Presbyterian Church (formerly known as First Presbyterian),  Kelly graduated from TCU in 2000 and then moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. She worked in Silicon Valley for three years before returning to Dallas to attend SMU Law School. Kelly graduated from SMU Law in 2006 and has been practicing in oil and gas for most of her career. In 2012, Kelly met the love of her life, James Voelker, and on April 11, 2016, their son John Francis “Jack” Whittier Voelker was born.  After having Jack, Kelly switched gears and took a position as Vice President & Associate General Counsel with the mortgage company Caliber Home Loans.  Any free time Kelly has from work is spent snuggling with her boys and spending time with friends and family.

 While telling you about her grandmother doesn't speak to Kelly’s qualifications, her grandmother’s influence played a pivotal role in Kelly’s faith journey, so she's worth sharing.  Mary Virginia Brightman started the library at Covenant Presbyterian (F/K/A First Presbyterian) and ran the book store at Austin College for many years.  Becoming a widow while pregnant with Kelly’s mom, she raised all 3 of her children on her own.  When doctors told Kelly’s grandma that she only a few years left because of her bad heart, she lived another 30. She was the kind of grandmother who would get on the floor with you or play hide and seek. Kelly was only 4 when her grandmother passed and the loss took its toll on Kelly’s mom. Kelly’s family quit going to church until one day, something came over Kelly and she asked if her mom would drop her off and pick her up even if her mom didn’t want to go. Kelly’s mom did—for over a decade until Kelly was old enough to drive herself.  Going to church by herself has kind of been a theme in Kelly’s life.  Even when it came to confirmation, Kelly was the only kid in her class. Given the choice to wait, Kelly declined and went through solo.  

When Kelly moved back to Dallas in 2003, her mom told her that she should look into First Presbyterian downtown, so she did.  And for 10 years, she attended on Easter and other random Sundays. Mostly in the chapel. Always in the back. Kelly showed up right when the service started and left right when it ended.  Kelly knew no one and no one knew her. That was until she met James. The first question Kelly asked him was whether or not he’d like to go to church with her.  They attended for the first time together on the Sunday after Sandy Hook.  After that, you could say the rest is history. Since transferring her membership, she has tried to be deliberate in her involvement.  James and Kelly hosted the New Members class a few times and Kelly attended a few of the Membership committee meetings, but ultimately, life redirected her to helping Rev. Wendy Fenn rewrite the Congregational Life Policy and Procedures manual. Last year, Charlene Echols asked if Kelly would be Emily's confirmation partner and without hesitation, Kelly agreed.  What a gift to get a second confirmation experience!  Emily was confirmed on 4/10/16 and Jack was born on 4/11/16). 

Kelly is excited for this incredible opportunity to be considered for such important work.  While gone are the days of Kelly’s ‘solo’ faith journey, she thinks it is obvious that she was far from alone.  Kelly would be honored to serve on the PNC for FPC Dallas. She has a feeling her grandmother would be proud too.