First Presbyterian Church has two outstanding mechanical-action pipe organs. Mechanical action organs are so-called because there is a mechanical connection (as opposed to an electrical one) between the key and the pipe.  Sometimes these organs are called “Tracker” organs because the device connecting the key and the pipe is called a “tracker”. Until the advent of electricity, all organs were of mechanical action. These organs are more durable and more easily maintained than their electric action counterparts. FPC is the only church in Dallas with two mechanical action pipe organs.   

The KATE FRIERSON MEMORIAL ORGAN in the sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church was built by Robert Sipe, and inaugurated in 1977. Approximately 30% of the pipes in this organ came from the E.M. Skinner organ that was in use in the sanctuary from 1922-1975.

16’ Bourdon 8’ Flute Ouverte
8’  Principal 8’ Holzgedackt  
8’ Gedackt   4’ Principal
4’ Octave 4’ Spillflote
2’ Super Octave 2’ Octave
II  Sesquialtera  1 1/3 Larigot 
IV Mixtur IV Scharf
III  Cymbal 8’ Cromorne 
8’ Trompete 16’ Trompette-en-Chamade
4’ Klarine  8’ Trompette-en-Chamade
Tremulant Tremulant
8’ Rohrflote 32’ Untersatz
8’ Gemshorn  16’ Principal   
8’ Gemshorn Celeste  16’ Subbass
4’ Principal  8’  Octave  
4’ Nachthorn 4’ Choral Bass
2 2/3 Nazard IV Mixtur
2’ Waldflote  32’ Kontra Fagott
1 3/5  Tierce 16’ Posaune   
IV Plein Jeu 8’ Trompete
16’  Basson
8’ Hautbois  Gt, Pos, Sw to Pedal   
8’ Vox Humana Pos, Sw to Great
8’ Trompette-en-chamade  Sw to Positiv
Tremulant  Electric stop action (16 levels)

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