Rev. Dr. Bruce Buchanan

The Reverend Dr. Bruce Buchanan has been Associate Pastor of Community Ministries at First Presbyterian Church of Dallas since 1987. The community ministries program oversees the downtown social ministry of First Presbyterian Church, including The Stewpot. As Associate Pastor of Community Ministries, Rev. Buchanan is responsible for program and policy design and oversight. He oversees the daily operation of the homeless soup kitchen, community casework services, inner-city children's year-round educational programs, including a college scholarship incentive program. During his tenure here, he has overseen the development of a dental clinic that provides both primary and secondary dental care as well as a medical clinic. He has supported the creation of an arts program, and developed the annual Stewpot Talent Show. Prior to coming to Dallas, Rev. Buchanan was Pastor of the First United Presbyterian Church, Dunkirk, New York. During his tenure there, his community ministry activities included overseeing the construction of 100 units of low-income housing, the creation of a Hotline for Battered Women, a second-hand clothing store, a soup kitchen, and the receipt of a one million dollar grant to refurbish a downtown nineteenth century building for emergency and permanent housing. Rev. Buchanan received a Durfee Award from the Durfee Foundation for "enhancing the dignity of others through the use of law or legal institutions," in specific for using "creative legal means to ensure construction of over 90 new housing units in a troubled, racially mixed area, securing a judicial opinion defining discrimination against battered women in federally subsidized housing, and establishing the first cooperatively owned mobile home park in New York State." While in Dallas, Rev. Buchanan has been involved with The Homeless Consortium for the City of Dallas, The Texas Homeless Network, Interfaith Community Ministries Network, Division of Ministries and Advocacy, Grace Presbytery, Dallas Board of Directors, Dallas Area Service to the Homeless, and Shelter Ministries. He also serves as a consultant for churches beginning social ministry projects; specializing in community organizing and inter-church program facilitation. Rev. Dr. Buchanan has a Master of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary, New York and a Bachelor of Art in History and Political Science from Wagner College, New York.