Service of Light & Remembrance

On Sunday, November 4 at 4 p.m. our annual city-wide interfaith Service of Light & Remembrance will be held at the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas located at 1835 Young Street (free parking available).


This service, hosted by Faith Forward Dallas, is held to remember our neighbors who have died homeless this past year in Dallas County. Each year, indigent citizens of our city pass away without anyone to honor their lives. Faith leaders from various traditions will unite to honor them and pray for their eternal rest. The public is invited to attend the service where over 200 names of our homeless brothers and sisters will be read aloud and recognized.

Over the past years, numerous organizations in Dallas, including The Stewpot of First Presbyterian Church, have worked tirelessly to combat homelessness. While much progress has been made, several hundred people die on the streets each year.

First Presbyterian Church hopes that the Service of Light & Remembrance will highlight the need for a united effort to expand effective solutions and build a true and just society for all people.

"Moses and the Freedom Fighters" Comes to FPC Dallas

Mark your calendars for the Children’s Musical “Moses and the Freedom Fanatics” on Sunday, July 1st at 4 p.m. in Byrd Hall.  During the week of June 25 - 29 twenty-two children from the church along with their neighbors, friends and family members will participate in the fourth annual Summer Music and Arts Camp under the direction of Diana Taylor.

During the morning time the children worked mostly on learning speaking parts, solos, and lots of music for a performance of “Moses and the Freedom Fanatics.” After lunch the children and their adult chaperones went on field trips around Dallas--swimming, explore the Dallas Zoo, and the Dallas Arboretum.

We hope you will join us again in Byrd Hall on Sunday, July 1 at 4 p.m. for the revival of this classic tale of slaves trusting in God to deliver them to freedom!  

Special thanks to Jerry Worden for providing lighting and sound. Some of you might remember a production of “Moses and the Freedom Fanatics” from 2000 under the direction of Mary Jane Cooper and Sylvia Elton.